UITP – Discover our bus related programme

UITP – Discover our bus related programme


Discover our bus related programmePublic Transport by bus is the backbone of urban mobility but what are the technical, operational and financial challenges to bring bus solutions into the 21st Century?This question is crucial and yet it is difficult to give a straight answer without analysing the problematic through different perspectives.That is why we have structured the programme with a sample of sessions to allow you to explore the future of bus solutions by shedding light on case studies, technology, economy, operations… You will be truly spoilt for choice indeed.

One of our invited speakers is Håkan KARLSSON, Executive Vice-President Business Area, Volvo Buses, Sweden (Lunch Session 6).


If you are interested in

  • How technology innovations for buses brings head-to-head the different expectations and strategies regarding the development and deployment of new cleaner and more energy efficient bus solutions in cities
     Attend Session 5 as it will illustrate various technological options such as RATP’s plan “BUS 2025”, or Bogota Elektrika and BRT (bus rapid transit) and/ or Debate in lunch session 6 on the bus industry today and tomorrow.
  • The operational and financial challenges and expectations from the different stakeholders
     Attend Session 5 as it will share Swedish and Spanish experiences  with using European project funding ZeEUS
  • Integrated land use and urban area development
     Attend Session 14 as it explores the coordination between the different stakeholders for an effective public transport policy to ensure access to public transport for business, leisure and residential activities, adding value to urban environments.
  •  Keys to success in improving performance and efficiency
     Attend Session 15 and you will hear about major success stories including how London’s expansion of bus ridership by 60% since 2000 as well as Montreal’s major new bus garage project which has integrated the highest level of sustainability from conception to operation.
Discover our rail related programmeLocal rail systems are popular, but costs, both construction and maintenance, can be significant obstacles. Is the future of urban rail in jeopardy?One of our invited speakers is Siv BHAMRA, Rail Systems and Commissioning Director, Crossrail, London, United Kingdom. (Session 2)
If you are interested in:

  • The stakes for urban rail in the future
    Attend Session 2, which will illustrate key issues affecting the rail sector.
    – How to design and build the system affordably in times of tight public purses?
    – How to serve spatially growing and built-up cities efficiently?
    – How to reconcile the short cycles of equipment and software with the long design cycles of railway assets?
  • Improving performance and efficiency:
    Attend Session 15 as it will explore two major success stories on regional and urban rail systems. Firstly, discover how public transport has been revolutionised in Denver, USA with new light and commuter rail lines via the FasTracks programme. Secondly, you will hear about Lausanne’s strategy to double capacity of its driverless metro network with minimal operational disruption.
  • The latest rail developments around the world:
    Attend Session 7 for the Lombardia region, Lunch session 2 for EurasiaLunch session 3for Africa, as well a number of Expo Focus sessions where rail suppliers will present their latest innovations and products.

  • Rail vs Bus – which modes work best?
    Attend Session 11 where speakers will explore which solutions fit best under which circumstances through experiences with a variety of modes in TeheranDublin,Moscow and Latin America.
Discover our Smart Sustainable Development Programme:“Smart” the buzzword for 21st century cities, but what is the role of sustainable urban mobility?One of our invited speakers is Dr Graham FLOATERGlobal Commission on Climate and the Economy, London, United KingdomMore invited speakers



If you are interested in:

  • Sustainability and smart cities
    Attend Session 1, where you can hear about what can be done to encourage “smart city” developments and what we should be doing differently. Panellists faced with challenges such as increasing urban populations, saturated road networks, CO2 emissions and poor air quality will share their experiences in achieving smarter sustainable cities from across the globe using ICT technologies and innovations.
  • Improving performance and efficiency
    Attend Session 15, where you will hear about major success stories including howLondon’s expansion of bus ridership by 60% since 2000 ; Montreal’s major new bus garage project which has integrated the highest level of sustainability from conception to operation.
  • Unlocking the benefits of mobility to health objectives
    Attend Session 19, which will showcase public transport as a key factor to achieve the objective of green and healthy mobility and transport for sustainable livelihoodsfor all, featuring outstanding strategies and practices from renowned organisations in Europe and the Americas, including the World Health Organisation.
Discover our Policy and Management ProgrammeAside from the physical and technical elements of public transport, policy and management are equally important considerations, below we have put together a comprehensive programme which covers integration, institutional frameworks, human resources, marketing and management.One of our invited speakers is Sophie MOUGARD, Director General, STIF, Paris, France 

More invited speakers


If you are interested in:

  • Integrated land use and urban transport development
    Attend Session 14, which focuses on the benefits of integration such as socio-economic development, urban renewal, control urban sprawl and higher density development.
  • Challenges and opportunities of the fast changing urban mobility landscape
    Attend Session 22, which session will shed light on industry players from outside the mobility sector reinventing themselves as mobility services providers and playing an increasing role in urban mobility services besides traditional players. Who should be the integrator of all urban mobility services?
  • Policy and management
    Attend Session 6, which discusses the importance of employee engagement and effective communication techniques to that end. Do corporate objectives matter to frontline employees. And should they?Attend Session 8, which puts the spotlight on efficient local governance and effective urban mobility policy.
  • Marketing
    Attend Session 12, where the latest marketing trends will be showcased.
  • Advancing cities: Efficient authorities making the difference
    Attend Session 16 which will highlight good practices from Authorities around the world. The presentations will tackle topics such as metropolitan area creation and rural areas inclusion, setting up and development of institutional partnerships, efficiency and optimisation of Authorities organisational models, or institutional changes, change management and relationships with citizens.
  • Risk management
    Attend Session 17, which looks at risk management strategies from inside and beyond the public transport sector, as a tool to mitigate risks as well as enhancing service quality, improving performance and even facilitating access to funding.


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