The Bulgarian national magazine  Avtobusi and microbusi is а specialized magazine with 10 luxury editions per year. It treats the problems and the development perspectives of the transport services in the country both in the private and public sector, the sales and the servicing of  buses and vans. With the publishing of the first issue in 2005 till nowadays, its publishers and editorial team follow the idea that it should serve the real professionals. The magazine actively cooperates with prestigious international organizations, and with their support we visit specialized exhibitions abroad,we organize seminars, conferences and discussions. 


Throughout its almost 17-year long publishing, the magazine is recognized as the public discussion tribune of the biggest problems in the transport sector, initiating actions for solving the problems. The basis of the editorial policy lays in organizing and conducting  national forums, business meetings, round tables and seminars on important topics of the day in the transport bus industry. The magazine gives the tribune also to the good company experience, organizing national competitions like “Best Bus company of the year” and “Best bus driver of the year”.

In 2011 the competition Best Bus driver of the year became international with the participation of drivers from other countries. Since then drivers from neighbouring countries participate in the annual competition.

The awards, as is the tradition already, are handed out by reputable high officials of foreign embassies in Bulgaria.

Participants and winners in these competitions have been many of the leading bus companies in Bulgaria –Union Ivkoni. Hebrus Bus, Etap Adress, Biomet, Air Cona, Dichoni, Arda Tour, Valeros and many others. Partners, sponsors and advertisers of  the magazine have been companies in the sector, as well as many recognized companies from other parts of the economy. 

In June 2011 we initiated and organized for the first time ALL ABOUT THE BUS trade show in Sofia. In this unique event participated many reputable companies in the sector.

Best Bus company of 2019 became Hebros Bus from Plovdiv. 


  • Ministries, institutions, connected to the transport business in the country;
  •  The Department of Road Police; 
  • All licensed bus companies in Bulgaria;
  • All bus stations in Bulgaria;
  • Tour operator companies in Bulgaria;
  • Official importers of buses, minibuses, cars and trucks;
  • Importers of garage and maintenance equipment, tyres, spare parts, oils;
  • Large petrol importers;
  • Insurance companies and banks;
  • All authorized maintenance centers for buses and vans;
  • Specialized car dealers.



abt_02Over the years we have collected a bulk of data base with over 50 000 active e- mail addresses. To these subscribers we regularly send news and information.The magazine addresses the specialists of the transport business. We give a GUARANTEE that your advertisement will reach your users because the magazine is distributed to all the main companies of the sector . Besides, you can read the whole edition one to one on our web site in an interactive version absolutely free of charge.

Our advertisers are such companies like Federal Mogul, Euro 07, VDL Bus Center, Irisbus Iveco, Scania, BMC, Europart, Mototop, Lubrifilt, Bulavto, Rudy 96, Italbulcom, Таhonet and many others.


abt_03Avtobusi and microbusi magazine is the only specilized magazine for buses and vans in Bulgaria which for almost 17 years now is distributed among the licensed bus companies in Bulgaria, Ministry of transport, institutions and municipalities, authorised services and official importers of buses and vans, importers of garage equipment, tyres and lublicants

    • Avtobusi and microbusi magazine has an active web page which is a very efficient way for advertisеment of each company that has chosen the magazine as a media partner. Advertisement both in the magazine and on the web page can increase the popularity  and effectiveness of the advertisement.Reklama City
    • Avtobusi and microbusi magazine organizes the unique national annual competitions “Best Bus company of the year” and “Best bus driver of the year”. These events are a perfect forum for advertising your product. As is the tradition, on these happenings present are owners of the biggest transport companies in Bulgaria, state officials, foreign guests and media
    • Avtobusi and microbusi is the official media organ of the BULGARIAN FEDERATION FOR PASSENGER TRANSPORT
    • Avtobusi and microbusi is the media partner of such large European and world forums like Busworld Europe, SEMA in Las Vegas, FIAA Madrid, IBE in Rimini, ExpoBus in Birmingham, BusWorld Istanbul, BusWorld China, BusWorld Russia, IRU, UITP,  etc.
    • Avtobusi and microbusi magazine partners with professionalists that protect the quality and honest relationship with the clients.


Tel./fax: 00359 878 864160, 00359 878 575 200
e-mail: info@avtobusi.com