Eberspaecher: climate control expertise for emergencies

 Not too hot – not too cold: especially when it comes to rescue operations or during civil protection, the right temperature also matters. Thermal management specialist Eberspaecher offers suitable equipment for achieving this and, at Interschutz (8 – 13.06.2015), will be presenting the latest climate control products for special-purpose vehicles. Highlight of the trade fair presentation in Hanover is the new Breezonic 3000 230-volt climate control system, which both cools and heats.

Whether it’s the rescue service, fire department or police – for every area of operation, the Eberspaecher modular system offers the right air-conditioning solution. That’s because, besides electrical and fuel operated heaters, the Esslingen company also supplies customized climate control systems, combined solutions for heating and cooling and transportable compact heaters and mobile refrigerated containers. Irrespective of the vehicle type, purpose-built and special-purpose vehicles can thus be equipped from a single source.

Cooling and heating with the Breezonic 3000 climate control system

In Hanover the specialists are presenting the new Breezonic 3000, thus demonstrating their comprehensive air-conditioning expertise: the compact roof-mounted climate control system combines the cooling capacity of an evaporator with a heat exchanger – and is therefore a heating and climate control unit all in one. The powerful 230-volt climate control system is operated either using alternating current from the public grid or via a generator. It is thus particularly suitable for air-conditioning mobile first aid stations or control centers. Thanks to the rapid cooling function, vehicle interiors and transport spaces can be suitably air-conditioned in the shortest possible time even at high outside temperatures of up to 48 degrees Celsius. With its remote control and integrated timer, the Breezonic 3000 can be adjusted at any time to individual requirements and the temperature controlled as needed. It has been developed for roof mounting on purpose-built and special vehicles and also scores thanks to its low weight and very flat aerodynamic design.

Mobile refrigerated containers for secure transport

At Interschutz, the thermal management specialists are also presenting new mobile compressor refrigerated containers. For medical purposes such as the transportation of units of stored blood, laboratory samples and vaccines, Eberspaecher also has certified refrigerated containers in its portfolio.

In comparison with complete cooling unit conversions, the mobile products offer clear advantages: purchase and maintenance costs are considerably lower and no additional refrigeration units and special vehicle appliances are required. The compressor refrigerated containers are available in various sizes and have a capacity of 22 to 915 liters. In most instances they can also be supplied with an integrated heating function, thus enabling the transport temperature to be kept constant irrespective of the level of ambient heat. Temperature regulation from -35 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius is possible.

Portable heat with the Polarn compact heater

In addition, Eberspaecher also offers mobile heating solutions. The Polarn unit, operated using diesel fuel, is an easily transportable heater that is ready for use extremely quickly. It offers a high level of heat output along with low consumption and minimal running noise. Among other things, the compact unit is suitable for providing heat for accident victims, for pre-warming tents and for heating up containers as well as frost and moisture-sensitive items or areas.

Compact components for an ideal internal thermal environment

Last but not least, in Hanover Eberspaecher is presenting new components for customized thermal management: these include new compact evaporators for emergency vehicles and ambulances offering maximum output combined with minimum dimensions. The evaporator model with an output of 4kW air-conditions smaller cabs reliably. The 6kW version for larger cabs offers a cooling as well as a heating function. In countries with especially cold weather conditions, this evaporator can also be combined with one of the Esslingen company’s Hydronic water heaters to maximize heat output.

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