Оnline Advertising

Оnline Advertising

Reklama_eng_part1Online Advertising  

Team up with us to advertise your brand online! Professionals from Bulgaria and abroad constantly visit our web site to get new information and to read the digital version of our magazine.
Visitors have more than doubled in the past few years.
So now is the right time to grab your online advertising rates and have an active presence on the Bulgarian and EC market!

reklamna tarifa Avtobusi_Eng_part2Banner Rates 2022


lead header (400 x 120px)

150 €/month

central header (1270 x 200px)

110 €/month

central (700 x 350px)

95 €/month
central2 (400 x 200px) 80 €/month
right side (220 x 220px) 65 €/month
right side (220 x 120px) 50 €/month
right side (220 x 600px) 85 €/month
right side (220 x 400px) 75 €/month
left side (180 x 180px) 35 €/month
left side (180 x 580px) 55 €/month
Entry POP UP (700 x 450px) 120 €/month

Special discount for 1 year publication – 15%.


We can send your personalized email  to a targeted segment of our email subscribers list.

In this way your email will be in the inbox of important business partners for you.
Rate: 199 euro per campaign


We can send out email newsletters – the ideal way to promote your company and business to our over 50 000 data base professionals.
The package includes: headline banner, your logo and link to your website, translation of the text from English to Bulgarian.
Rate: 254 euro per newsletter


You can download this offer in PDF, click on photo

reklamna tarifa Avtobusi_Eng


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