Union Ivkoni transport – tourist company

 Union Ivkoni  transport – tourist company started its activities in 1992. The company specializes in bus transport in the country and abroad as well as in the field of tourism services. The company  is currently the leading company in its field.

The company offers daily bus service to over 150 cities in Europe, including Austria, Portugal, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greece and Slovenia.

Union Ivkoni  has daily services to over 100 city ​​in Bulgaria. Since 2004  the company performs under concession contracts with the Metropolitan urban lines which are currently on route numbers 27, 74, 150, 260.

Maria Luisa  blvd №102, fl. 2 – railway station square ( Serdika bus station)
02/989 0000
02/989 1111
phone: 07001/8282 *

fax: 02/986 4100
Email administrative department: office@union-ivkoni.com
Email reservations department: booking@union-ivkoni.com
Private bus rental: g.nikolov@union-ivkoni.com


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