Rojen express AD

ROJEN EXPRESS “AD – Smolyan is a transportation company, established on the Bulgarian market for passenger transport in both urban and intercity and international transport. The company is licensed for international transport of passengers with License № 0561 and meets all European requirements. The company  also has a license № 02793 for the carriage of passengers on the territory of Bulgaria.
The Company is the successor of part of the assets and liabilities of the former “State Automobile Enterprise” and later on “Avtokombinat Smolyan” to the beginning of 1992 when ir registeried as a separate legal entity Since the beginning of September 1997,  100% of the shares of Rozhen Express Ltd. were given  by the Ministry of Transport to Smolyan Municipality. Since 2007, the company was transformed into a joint stock company where  Smolyan municipality owns 26.08%, and the remaining percentage is owned by a private holding company.

Rozhen Express AD  – Smolyan performs the following  transport schemes:

1. Urban transport – lines №1, №6, №10, №13, №16, №22, №23, №32, № 66 

2. Municipal transport scheme on the lines: Arda, .Gorovo, .Cheplyat, .Valchan, Gela with. Turyan, .Mugla,.Strazha, .Oreshets, Tikale with. city ​​.Katranitsa, Levochevo village, .Hasovitsa, .Belev Dol Kutela. 

3. Regional transport schemes under: .Breze with. Sredets 

4. Republican Transport Scheme on lines: Sofia, Plovdiv, Kardzhali and Sunny Beach – seasonal line. 

5. occasional passenger transport in the country and abroad.
The company’s activity is carried out with a total of 46 buses, 17 of which were purchased new, produced in the last two years which comply with the  environmental standards  Euro 4 and Euro 5.

Smolyan, Rodopi  str  №130
tel. 00359 30162821; Fax: 00359 30162820


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