Komeksmash – Vasil Pironkov, Asenovgrad

The company is engaged in the sale of buses, trucks and specialized vehicles. Since 2006 the company has  served urban and intercity transport of two municipalities. KOmeksmash Ltd.  also owns and taxi company.
It offers domestic and international bus transport with luxury buses from 15 to 74 seats, as well as road transport .
The drivers of vehicles are people with considerable professional experience.
As a company with a long tradition, KOMEKSMASH enjoys deserved confidence of its customers.
In 2001, KOMEKSMASH buys  the storage service of Asenovgrad that  the company converts into a bonded warehouse and tax warehouses for groupage shipments.
The company built a modern auto service and repair of trucks, buses and off-road vehicles.


Kapitan Petko Voyvoda str  1
Phone: 0331 6 70 36 Mob. +359 0878610611
Fax: 0331 6 74 06 e-mail comex@mail.bg


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