GAZ Group – the biggest Russian manufacturer of commercial vehicles

GAZ Group – the biggest Russian manufacturer of commercial vehicles

GAZ Group – the biggest Russian manufacturer of commercial vehicles, leader of the automotive branch modernization in the country

GAZ Group produces light and medium duty commercial vehicles, buses, heavy-duty trucks, passenger cars, powertrains and auto components. It incorporates 13 plants in 8 regions of Russia. It is the leader of the commercial vehicles market of Russia and occupies 50% of the light commercial vehicles segment and nearly 80% of the buses segment. The flagship product of the company is the light commercial vehicle of the new generation GAZelle NEXT. GAZ Group is the leader among Russian automakers in creating eco-friendly types of vehicles, including vehicles on alternative fuels.  

 LIAZ develops and produces buses of medium, large and extra-large classes, city, intercity and touristic purposes.

The LIAZ model range includes a full line of city buses (9,5 – 18 m) powered by different fuels (diesel, gas, electricity) including low-floor versions. LIAZ buses meet Euro-4, Euro-5 and EEV  emissions standards.

The full-scale modernization of the LIAZ plant provided for the entire product portfolio production in a single flow, thus considerably improving the quality and reliability of the buses. Over RUR 700 M was invested into the plant modernization from 2010 to 2015.

The upgraded e-coating technology, special welding mixtures and modern processes help to avoid damaging the metal structure and to improve reliability of the seams. These processes help to meet ISO 9001 and warranty protection of the body from through corrosion for 12 years of operation.

Production of the Cruise and Voyage coaches was started at LIAZ in 2014.

Modern equipment from Japan, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and Germany was installed. The unique line of body anti-corrosion treatment and painting from Geico consisting of 8 e-coating baths, 12 painting booths, 10 drying booths has no equivalents in Russia. 

Bus Division

GAZ Group is the leading Russian manufacturer of buses having a share of about 80% in this segment of the market.

GAZ Group IS the only Russian manufacturer of a complete range of low-floor buses running on different fuels (gas, diesel, electricity). The lineup of the GAZ Group buses includes city (including low-floor buses), suburb, intercity buses or coaches, school buses and special purpose buses.

GAZ Group buses aredistinguished by a high level of comfort, reliability, safety and operating economy.

Buses on alternative fuels. Advanced environmental standards

GAZ Group is the leader among Russian auto manufacturers in creation of eco-friendly types of vehicles.

GAZ Group was the first among the domestic manufacturers to launch mass production of diesel buses of environmental standards Euro-5 and EEV (Euro 5 +), as well as buses running on methane – the most eco-friendly fuel.

In 2012, GAZ Group was the first to introduce the electrobus LiAZ-6274. The electrobus is developed in collaboration with MOBEL on the base of the city low-floor bus LiAZ-5292. The electrobus has lithium-ion batteries which provide a fuel distance of up to 280 km. Using electrobuses in urban traffic can decrease the level of harmful emissions, improve the comfort for passengers by reducing the level of noise and vibration in the cabin, as well as significantly reduce operating costs and simplify the process of maintenance.

In 2013 the production of “gas” medium buses PAZ-3204 and KAVZ-4238 was started.

Renovation of the passenger fleet of the Russian Federation

GAZ Group became the main supplier of the Olympic Games “Sochi-2014”, and specially for the Olympiad developed a new version of low-floor buses: LiAZ-5292 with a Scania engine. For transport service of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, the company supplied 739 buses: 282 large buses Voyage, 370 extra-large buses Voyage L, 57 coaches Cruise and 30 low-floor city buses LIAZ-529230.

The buses showed extremely high maneuverability in challenging terrain conditions of the mountain cluster in Sochi. They were equipped with unprecedented security systems: smoke sensors, video surveillance systems, firefighting systems, onboard navigation terminal of communication with a control station. Specifically for the Paralympics the buses were equipped with automatic systems for loading and unloading of passengers with limited mobility.

After the Olympic Games the buses came out on the passenger routes of Moscow region and Saint Petersburg.

Experience of Sochi on introduction of low-floor vehicles to ensure affordable and comfortable passenger traffic after the 2014 Games is developing also in other regions of the Russian Federation.

GAZ Group is involved in upgrading the public transport in Moscow in accordance with requirements similar to the standards of European capitals. For the latest several years the company delivered more than 3,200 LiAZ buses within the framework of renovating the transport fleet of Moscow. The buses are manufactured in a special configuration, equipped with MAN engines, ZF axles and ZF automatic transmission, equipped with rampants, special places for wheelchair users, dash cameras, and GLONASS system. Most of the buses correspond to the promising environment standard Euro-5.

A long-term contract to renovate the bus fleet of Moscow region was signed between the Bus Division of GAZ Group and Mostransavto in February 2014. Renovation of the Moscow region fleet by high-tech LiAZ buses is to be executed on a phased basis during three years: in 2014, 455 buses will be delivered, in 2015 – 593 buses, and in 2016 – 567 buses.

The company continues to develop a new family of PAZ-3204 buses and started production of a new family of small and medium buses “Vector”. In 2011, the bus PAZ-320302 was developed, supplementing the family of small buses PAZ-3204. An opportunity is provided to re-equip the bus to operate it on both compressed gas (methane) and liquefied (LPG) gas.

Buses of the new generation

A promising direction in development of the GAZ Group bus model range is development of unified buses of all classes and purposes based on a modular principle. Based on the modular principle, three basic lines are created with a single style solution: city and intercity buses Vector, coaches Voyage and low-floor city buses LIAZ. Implementation of this project allows offering customers a uniform line of buses of all classes and purposes with an advanced level of consumer and technical characteristics at a competitive price and with low operating costs.


  • Pavlovo Bus Plant (PAZ)
  • Kurgan Bus Plant (KAVZ)
  • Likino Bus Plant (LIAZ)


  • City (including a full range of low-floor) buses, suburb, intercity, long-distance buses, school and special purpose buses.


  • PAZ
  • LIAZ
  • KAVZ


  • about 40 regional dealers and 100 service stations in Russia and abroad
  • 5 branches in Russia and CIS countries for sales of buses, spare parts, warranty and maintenance repair
  • Small buses
  • Small buses by GAZ Group are represented by PAZ products. Various bus models designed for city and suburban routes as well as office use provide for optimal choice. Modern styling, compliance with emissions standards, passenger comfort, easiness and convenience of operation, fuel efficiency and short payback period ensure leadership of PAZ models in the Russian market of small buses
  • The new bus for city and suburban transportations – Vector 3 has three-row layout of the passenger compartment. The body width is 196 cm which provides for high maneuverability on the road. The new model combines reliability of the Isuzu chassis proven by many years and modern styling. 
  • The key model issmall bus PAZ-3205, the most popular Russian bus. One fifth of the PAZ production plan is occupied by PAZ-3204.
  • The small bus family is complemented by PAZ-3203, 470 mm shorter than basic PAZ-3204. 
  • PAZ-3206with increased front and rearoverhang angle and central differential blocking is design for the hardest road conditions.
  • PAZ also manufactures the low-floor city bus PAZ-3237. High maneuverability in heavy city traffic, easy passenger getting on and off, disc brakes of all the wheels make PAZ-3237 ideal for intensive city routes.



Medium buses

The medium buses lineup is represented by the products of Pavlovo Bus Plant (PAZ-4234, PAZ-320412, PAZ Vector) and Kurgan Bus Plant (KAVZ-4235 Aurora and KAVZ-4238).

The upgrade of base models is carried out in accordance with market demands and customers’ preferences. For example, the PAZ-320412 bus was developed and certified in 2012. This bus is equipped with an engine powered with methane – a development that has a high potential in terms of environmental safety and cost efficiency of passenger transit operations. The natural gas version of the PAZ-320412 bus is designed for urban and suburban lines. The bus is equipped with a natural gas engine by Cummins with Euro-5 emission class and a gearbox by ZF. Total passenger capacity is 60 persons, including 21 seats.

The KAVZ-4238 medium gas bus is designed for suburban and long-distance lines. The KAVZ-4238 bus is equipped with a natural gas engine by Cummins with Euro-5 emission class and a gearbox by ZF. Total passenger capacity is 44 persons, including 35-39 seats, depending on bus version. The KAVZ-4238 certification was carried out in 2013



Large buses

LIAZ-5256 is the Russian leader of large bus sales. Thanks to the advanced technologies of painting, anti-corrosion coating and zinc-coated sheets used for side facing, the through corrosion endurance period is minimum 12 years. Front and rear masks and the roof are made of fiberglass which adds to the corrosion protection of the body. Modern component base, high-quality materials used for the compartment, anti-vandal seals provide for optimal operation of the bus on the city routes.

The low-floor city bus LIAZ-5292 withMan ЕЕV (Euro-5+) CNG engine and ZF Ecolife automatic gearbox is designed for city routes.The total capacity is105 passengers including22 seats. The bus meets the global standardsof safety, emissions and passenger comfort: kneeling system, large entrance bay, wheel chair fasteners and access ramp.

The low-floor city bus LIAZ-529260 of 10,5 m is a shorter version of the restyling LIAZ-5292 that proved its reliability during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi and won the fourteenth annual contest “Best Commercial Vehicle of the Year in Russia”. The capacity is75 passengers. Shorter length and wheel base provide for higher maneuverability of LIAZ-529260. It has two versions: city and suburban.

The compartment of the new bus is equipped with wheel chair fasteners. Mechanical ramp and adjustable kneeling angle (up to 7° to the door side) provide for optimal getting on the bus. The low floor and easy getting on and off for the passengers make the route time of the bus shorter by 10-15%. The cock pit is design in compliance with the global standards of comfort and ergonomics, equipped with a new electronic instrument cluster and a special box for optional equipment and storage.

The e-bus LIAZ-6274 was developed in cooperation with MOBEL based on the low-floor city bus LIAZ-5292. The e-bus is equipped with asynchronous motor, traction engine transformer and energy accumulator. The energy accumulator is based on lithium-ion cells providing for the charging distance of up to 200 km. The batteries can be charged from industrial energy sources of 50hz and 380 W which provides for the bus operation without any special infrastructure needed. The e-bus control system provides for diagnostics not only ofthe drive but also of all the other electric equipment systems. Battery status data and available charging distance are communicated to the dispatch panel using GLONASS technologies. The e-bus helps to reduce emissions on the city routes, improve passenger comfortthrough NVH reduction, reduce operation costs with the fuel prices growing continuously and significantly simplify its maintenance.



Extra-large buses

LIAZ-6213 is the first domestic low-floor articulated bus to the low floor, spacious and modern interior, comfortable accumulating areas, large passenger capacity (153 persons), the bus is irreplaceable on routes with heavy passenger traffic inherent to big cities. The bus is equipped with a body tilting system “kneeling”, large accumulating area equipped with special fixtures for wheelchairs, rampant for entry / exit that enables all categories of passengers to feel comfortable.

Many local big cities choose articulated buses LIAZ-6212 today to service routes with big length and heavy passenger traffic. Time-tested urban bus successfully combines reliability of the unit base, high economy and comfort for passengers.




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