Racic Ltd

Racic Ltd  was founded in 1990. The company has  license for international carrier № 0027 and Certificate of agent № 03488.

Racic Ltd has offices in  Sofia, Plovdiv.  Bourgas and Pazardzhik and international offices in Prague and Berlin . The company  works with over 250 travel agencies, tour operators and carriers in the country and abroad.

Racic Ltd.  has its own luxury coach brands Setra Evro 5 and Man Evro 5, Man Evro 4 produced 2009, 2011, 2012,  4-star coaches and a  repair auto base.

Complex Racic
Complex Racic has a hotel, a garden restaurant, Olympic outdoor pool.
Plovdiv General Gurko str. № 25 (facing the boulevard. Tsar Boris)
tel: 032 631 100;
032 630 717; 032620602
Gsm: 0887 208 506


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