Ovanesovi Ltd

OVANESOVI Ltd. exists since 1991 and  has more than 20 vehicles . They are equipped with all the required European standards in extras.
Ovanesovi  Ltd. owns and operates its own parking lot, garage, repair shop .

The company employs  highly skilled staff, including drivers, flight attendants, mechanics, fitters, guards and administrators. All employees have many years experience in the field of transport and tourism and are appointed under the existing labor legislation in the country.

Over the years with hard  work,Ovanesovi Ltd. gained a leading position in the domestic and foreign market of transport services.

• Transfers
• Flights
• Bus Tickets
• Excursions
• Vehicles rental

Bulgaria, Rousse, Olimpy Panov Str. 14 P.O. box: 7000
tel. +359 82/872 000 dead; GSM +359 879/067 004


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