Metro Plus Ltd

METRO PLUS  Ltd. was established in 2000 and is  partner of the Turkish bus company METRO. Initially it began its operations with 7 MAN buses and a regular bus line Sofia – Istanbul , then gradually increases its  fleet and the number of international lines.
Over the years, the company bought more coaches to serve lines from different cities in Bulgaria to Istanbul and Bursa.
The service  offers  unlimited hot beverages – tea, coffee and cold soft drinks.

Hoostesses  of the company  help the  comfortable travel of the passengers.
In 2013 started the operation  of the  regular bus service on the route Sofia – Thessaloniki / Greece /.
For the greater passenger comfort , METRO PLUS has offices selling bus tickets in almost all cities in Bulgaria and  also using the reservation system of selling on line  tickets .
The company employs more than 100 highly qualified staff.
Sofia, Struga str № 5
tel 02 931 4139


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