Krichim Express

Krichim-express Ltd. was founded in 2001 by its three founding members-  sole traders. The main activity is carried out at  specialized liner transportation in the country and abroad. The company has signed long contracts for specialized transport .
Krichim Express Ltd. has 5 luxury buses.
Krichim  Express  provides daily intercity transport route schedules approved by directions:
1. Krichim, Perushtitsa Plovdiv
2. Krichim Stamboliisky Plovdiv
3. Krichim-Cave
4. Krichim Pazardzhik
5. Krichim-Zhrebichko

The company also specialized in the transportation of employees on approved routes. Currently it serves several large enterprises in the region of Plovdiv.

We offer occasional transport of passengers in the country and abroad .
The company owns  three tourist coaches  for transportation of disabled persons.
richim Express Ltd. is constantly expanding its transport services and seeks to improve the quality.
The company offers an  enjoyable and comfortable travel  with luxury buses with a mini bar, air conditioning, kitchen, fridge, WC .

Trakiya  blvd №26
Phone: 03145 23-04
mobile: +359 882 579947


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