Kenta AD, Omurtag

Kenta AD is a stock company which  was established in 1962 with  two main activities
– repair of buses and coaches
– production of new buses  bearing the brand “Kenta”.
The company also carries out all year-round activity – public transport.

Kenta AD has 30 luxury  coaches of the brands Mercedes, Van Hool, Bova, Isudzu,  performing licensed regional lines ,  as well as transport and trips around the country .

Kenta AD is a specialized enterprise for the  repair of all types of coaches and buses. The long tradition  is a guarantee for quality of the repairs. The service workshops  are equipped with all kinds of modern machines needed for this. The activity is carried out in two main workshops – aggregate and car body service.
The aggregate service repairs engines, gearboxes, axles .

Kenta AD carries out modernization of the body of all types of used buses. As a result of this modernization, buses acquire a new contemporary design and are ready for a new 10-year life span.

7900 Omourtag
Tsar Liberator blvd 35
Phone: (0605) 62115
(0605) 62545
0886 060556
0886 060565
fax: (0605) 4270
e-mail:, kenta _ om @


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