Doris Ltd

Doris Ltd.  was founded in 1991 in Sliven. In early 1992 the company has one rented  for excursions in the country and abroad.
From 01.01.1995 “T. Geneva – Doris “won a contract for the carriage of employees of ” Maritsa – East “RADNEVO that  the company performs to this day without any delay or unfulfilled course.
The first regular bus service that  the company serves  was opened in 1998 as seasona linel. The company is the only one in Sliven.that has luxury buses and coaches  equipped with television and video, mini bar, refrigerator and air conditioning. Thus, the company won customers and popularity.
From 11.01.1998,  ET “Todorka Eneva – Doris” opened the line Sliven – Nova Zagora – Stara Zagora – Sofia ,
The company has comfortable buses, steward  service, serving free drinks during the trip which  increases  the popularity of the company and passengers.
In 2004 the company office was transformed into Ltd. and is managed by two owners.
On 10.06.2005 Doris Ltd. opened its first international bus line route Sliven – Thessaloniki .
The company currently serves 6 regular and 1 seasonal bus lines in the country, as well as a regular international line.

Currently Doris Ltd. has 19 own luxury buses, including 2 double deckers,,, which are equipped with mini bar, refrigerator, air conditioning and DVD .

Under the employment contract, the company employs 50 people
Sliven – headquarters
St. Dimitar Dobrovich 5-B
Tel: 044/662423


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